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Pig Data: Digital Porn Consumption for Wired ITaly

Recently we’ve been working on a pretty interesting set of data, analyzing the phenomenon of digital porn and publishing 5 double spread pages on the italian version of Wired magazine.
We started off by looking at the volume (data from Alexa, April 2014 on the estimates for accesses and page views) of the main porn video-streaming websites and comparing it with some well-known web giants.

By crossing and comparing this main dataset with several others we analyzed and visualized: – the potential influence of the biggest porn provider; – the users’ preferences aggregated by countries and analyses by the most frequent term searches in 2013 and 2014 for the 58 nations worldwide; – the digital porn consumption over time reporting the average daily time and its increment and decrement during holidays and festivities, and the main digital devices used (web, tablet, mobile); aggregated by countries again; – an in depth analysis of the 10 most visualized categories (i.e. tags) and their changes over time; – and a last focus on famous porn actors and actresses: we here represented all of the actors and actresses who have won at least 3 awards (from 1984 to nowadays) and their physical characteristics such as height, hair color, eyes color, ethnicity, piercings and breast and waist size for women.

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