Data Humanism

The revolution will be Visualized.

How can data visualization design can make a difference and make data more meaningful for people’s lives? 
How can we make a real difference now that the ways we relate to information are evolving more rapidly than we realize ?
Now that we are past what we can call “peak infographics” and we are left with a general audience that understands much more of what we’re doing in our profession: an audience that is ready to welcome a second wave of more meaningful and thoughtful visualizations.

I believe we should see this moment as an opportunity to jumpstart a new renaissance, where we can question the impersonality of a merely technical approach to data,  where we are ready to reconnect numbers to what they really stand for: which are more and more our lives.

A revolution that I like to call  “DATA HUMANISM”, where data is really for everybody, and unique to anyone.


(in the post, originally published on Print Magazine, I share some perspective and concrete suggestions as a designer who have worked with data for the past several years.)