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Visual Data - La Lettura

At Accurat we’ve been working side-by-side with the newsroom of Corriere della Sera for more than 2 years, designing a series of of exploratory data-visualizations originally published for La Lettura, their Sunday cultural supplement.

We aim to deliver rich visual narratives able to maintain the complexity of the data while making this complexity more accessible and understandable. Simply put, we publish compound and complex stories told through data visualizations.

For each story we consider and pursue a topic we believe may be of particular interest to explore, ranging from current affairs to historical or cultural issues. Sometimes choices are driven by a fascination we have, sometimes by a compelling dataset we find and we would start from, other times we choose to present events and topics that are hot at the moment. We then analyze and compare different kinds of datasets trying to identify and reveal a central story, hopefully a not-so-expected one.

We start from a question or an intuition we have and work from here, then try to put the information in context and find some further facts and materials to potentially correlate. Every time we aim at moving away from mere quantity in order to pursue a qualitative transformation of raw statistical material into something that will provide new knowledge: unexpected parallels, not common correlation or secondary tales, to enrich the main story with.
In this respect our work here cannot be considered data-visualization in the pure sense: we are not just providing insight into numbers but into social issues or other qualitative aspects as well.

In addition, since we publish on a full-spread format within the cultural Sunday supplement of the highest circulation Italian newspaper, the leading narrative and the visual ways through which we display information have to be both catchy and attractive: once the first attention of the audience is “caught” by the aesthetic features of the image, the presentation of the information must be clear as might be expected.

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Our visualizations for La Lettura won major awards and have been featured in several books, magazines and interviews.
See "awards and press" page for more information.

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a Preview on our Data Visualization work for La Lettura, Corriere della Sera