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The Shapes of My Thoughs

The Shape of My Thoughts, Eyeo 2014

I had the pleasure to give another talk at the last edition of Eyeo Festival  (which by the way was amazing. awesome) in Minneapolis.
I took this chance for opening and presenting a very personal topic, and take the audience on a journey into my personal obsession, drawing.
In fact, to me drawing is both a rigid ritual and a casual pastime, a design tool and a means of expression, but more than anything it is a compulsion and a liberation.
During the talk I presented my practice of drawing and its role as a design tool – to open mental spaces, recognize, name, repeat, remember, and thus understand the world I am designing for at a deeper level.
I’ve been talking about  the composition of abstract drawings with data and without data, and showcasing preparatory sketches for data-visualization, abstract process drawings, explorations of visual elements as a linguistic system for compositions, and obsessive repetitions done with no purpose at all; and dissecting what the act of drawing does to my mind and thoughts, highlighting the aesthetic choices made along the way, unpacking how this casual habit became a sort of physical extension to my mind, creating a loop that fuels my personal and professional life.

I here outline the talk’s structure, with all of the slides and videos and some notes that can drive you through exploring it.
Enjoy it, better if with papers and pencils at hand.