Collaborative data wallpaper for STORY


A Data Wallpaper for STORY

Soft and small data to capture people's vision for the future of work



Earlier in 2018, STORY's founder Rachel Shechtman contacted me before their latest pop-up experience. The concept store in Chelsea, recently acquired by Macy's, is unique in its kind. Every 8 weeks it re-images itself and the products sold around a particular concept. For the last 8 weeks they've explored ideas around "the future of work" as it relates to how and where we work.


When Rachel asked me if I could create a data visualization, looking for data on the topic, I turned it into an opportunity to incorporate visitors’ thoughts on it.

As part of my ongoing investigation on soft and small data, together with Rachel we have created a set of questions, and for 8 weeks we asked visitors of the store to tell us how they see the future of work, how they unlock their creativity and much more, shifting the focus from data to people.


I've created a simple system on a temporary wall in the space: an instruction-based data wallpaper that the team at STORY filled in according to my legend over the 8 weeks, accommodating and revealing people's ideas and patterns around the topic. 


Finally, the wall has been completed and reveals that practically everyone still archives their best ideas on notebooks, and that the future of work should not be searched in A.I. or technology, but in collaboration. 


This was a simple experiment where I have been working with soft, small and crafted data that in this case I found more meaningful than anything I could have gathered objectively on the topic.

I have used data as a lens to discover and communicate people’s ideas and personality, where people can see and find themselves; and possibly can be triggered to think and reflect more on the specific community they build more than through a straightforward data visualization on the topic.